From work to leisure, the average person spends up to twenty-three days a year texting, browsing and communicating on smartphones, something that is causing potential damage to our bodies, says neck and spine experts NeckStar.    

The head can weigh up to 12lb, and the way smartphone usage alters our posture means that the angle which we adopt to look the at screen can increase the strain on the neck by up to almost six times as much. Although it isn’t practical to avoid smartphone use altogether, it is important to be conscious of the implications, and take steps to redress the impact.

According to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, health problems springing from smartphone use are on the rise, so there has never been a more important time for consumers to take steps to reduce their chances of “Smartphone Neck”. Holding devices at eye level for example will normalise the angle of the head, and avoids bad posture which can lead to debilitating discomfort and spinal injury. Taking frequent breaks from usage can also help eliminate prolonged unnatural positioning that exacerbates wear and tear on the neck.

Mario P of NeckStar, said:

“Smartphone Neck is a relatively new problem, but one that could have very serious long-term implications if people don’t take measures to protect themselves. Issues with posture can affect so many other parts of the body, and can cause headaches, abnormal spinal curvature as well as shoulder and back pain. Prevention is always better than care, so it is well worth investing in the health of your neck before a problem arises”.

NeckStar’s specially designed portable headrest works to relieve the nerve tracts in the neck and spine, as well as bringing the vertebrae in line which activates and strengthens the delicate musculature of the neck, which are most at risk of smartphone related damage.

To find out more about the NeckStar headrest and how it can assist with symptoms resulting from smartphone use, visit:


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Paying attention to posture at work could save companies millions in employee sick days, says neck and spine authority NeckStar.

Research has shown that back pain is one of the leading reasons for absence at work, with around three million individuals citing it as a cause for sick leave last year. Sick days cost UK employers in the region of £29 million a year, so encouraging those who are particularly susceptible to developing bad posture such as office workers to pay attention to how they sit is a worthwhile investment.

  • Ensure any screens are positioned at the correct angle and at eye level. It can help reduce pressure on the neck and spine, which can cause debilitating back pain.
  • Make sure the back is straight, with hips, ears and shoulders in line vertically. This is essential to good posture and spinal health, as is taking regular breaks where possible to move around.
  • Where necessary, request ergonomic furniture or accessories from your employer to keep your posture positive.

Mario P of NeckStar said:

“We spend a big portion of our lives working, so it’s essential to make sure that we pay attention to our posture during this time to avoid injury and illness. For employers, it makes sense economically to ensure your workers have information and equipment they need to minimise any discomfort that could lead to long-term damage and subsequent sick days, which cost your business money. Of course, it is up to each individual to look after their own health.”

NeckStar’s specially designed portable headrest can be used during breaks to bring the vertebrae in line, which helps to relieve the nerve tracts in the neck and spine.

The handy, self-assembly structure can be used on any flat surface such as desks or tables and can make a big difference in preventing and reacting to any strain caused by bad posture.


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With an estimated 43 percent of people in the UK experiencing chronic pain, neck and spine experts, NeckStar, has offered those suffering with back pain tips for strengthening the spine to ward off those aches and pains.

The experts behind the company know that millions of people all over the world either don’t know how to strengthen the spine, or simply forget to do so. But the company has warned that failing to maintain the strength of this vital part of the skeleton could end in disaster for many people. As a result, NeckStar has put together a five-step plan for ensuring the UK’s spines are strong, aligned, and pain-free.

Mario P, CEO of NeckStar, said:

“The back is often one of the forgotten parts of the body, despite being incredibly important for fully-functioning limbs and bodily movement. Even those who undertake regular activity forget to exercise the core and back, and although this may not cause any problems for some, for millions, it can be the start of serious reoccurring problems that last a lifetime.

1. The first port of call, according to the experts, is to sleep right.

Allowing the spine to rest when asleep will ensure it has time to repair itself and relax back into its natural shape after a day of slouching over desks and slumping on sofas. Investing in supportive pillows and a good mattress can really make the world of difference and prevent that irritating lower back pain.

2. The second tip from the experts is to ensure exercise is gentle but effective.

It’s vital that the core muscles (the abdominal and lower back muscles) are strong and supple in order to take pressure off the lower back. Conducting simple core exercises, such as planks, sit-ups, and mountain climbers can really help support muscle growth and keep the centre of the body aligned.

3. Sitting down causes three times more pressure to be loaded on the discs in the lower spine than when stood.

Getting posture right is a key part of spinal health. Investing in a quality chair that supports the lower back, practicing good posture while seated, and taking regular breaks when sat at a desk can improve back health exponentially by strengthening it and encouraging it to be in a more upright position.

4. Footwear is another often overlooked part of back health.

Ill-fitting footwear and shoes that offer no support can cause added pressure on the back as it tries to keep the body aligned. Good footwear can actually help to strengthen the back by keeping it straight, and as a result, avoid injury when doing sports.

5. The final tip for keeping the spine strong is to look at diet.

A healthy diet that consists of a good proportion of lean protein, healthy fats, and lots of fruit and vegetables is key for building a lean body and muscles that support the spine. Diets rich in Omega-3s have also been shown to help decrease pain in the nerves of the spine.

For those suffering from aches and pains in the spine, NeckStar’s specially designed headrest provides relief.

It can also be used as a preventative measure, to curb any potential back or spine problems. Fully portable, it ensures pressure is taken off the fragile spine and nerve pathways are free.


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Chronic back pain can have huge effect on the daily lifestyle of its sufferers. The word chronic as it applies to pains is used to describe pins that last more than the healing period of tissues; this is usually between 12 to 24 weeks.   

Imagine suffering from pain that last longer than you expect it to last or pain that goes away for sometime only to resurface some moment later. This is exactly what people suffering from chronic back pain experiences. Individuals dealing with such pains may become impatient, irritable and ultimately short tempered; this is because frequent pain increases the main threshold that is responsible for the basic functioning of the human body. Individuals suffering from such consistent pain would reduce the ability of obtaining effective solutions for even the smallest of problems.

The dependence on modern day technology has taken its effect on the general human life, and of such part is the back. Too much use of gadgets such as laptops, Smartphone and the general everyday office work all contribute to stiff neck which may also be another pain on the spine. The daily usage of this modern day technologies causes the daily unfavourable head positioning and this leads to spine pain which may also include chronic back pain, stiff neck and whiplash.

Most chronic pains that affect human being include:

•  Back Pain
•  Stiff Neck
•  Whiplash

And their causes also include:

•  Daily unfavourable head posture
•  Office work



Though modern technology has brought this problem to human, the solution is also the work of modern technology. Neckstar is a lightweight copyrighted healing headrest that is manufactured to correct issues at the spine area as well as the neck region. With Neckstar, you have the solution to all neck and spine related issues such as chronic back pain, whiplash, stiff neck and any other type of discomfort associated with the neck and spine region. This technology effectively and efficiently energises as well as enhances the fine muscles of the neck by putting them into their natural positions thereby avoiding any potential strain that might affect the neck and spine regions. The neckstar headrest can be effectively used to strengthen all the upper body regions such as the arms, shoulder, neck and the back muscles.


The attributes of this headrest makes it the ideal solution for any form of neck and spine related pains. You don’t need to bother about paying huge medical bills for any of such pains; you have it all in one simple and innovatively designed headrest, Neckstar headrest. Those that have made use of it have testified to its effectiveness.

The good thing about the neckstar headrest is its portability. This has made it pretty easy for usage. You don’t need to worry about the size; its portability and versatility make it easy to use anyway.

You can easily use neckstar at:

•  The Beach
•  At Home
•  At Work


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